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Tobacco and Health pdf

Tobacco and Health by K Slama

Tobacco and Health
Author: K Slama
Number of Pages: 1070 pages
Published Date: 13 Feb 2013
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Publication Country: New York, NY, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781461357797
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Over 1,100 delegates from a hundred countries attended the 9th World Conference onTobaccoandHealth. Afterfivedaysofdebate, severalimportantresolutionswereadopted unanimously and will be landmarks in the fight against tobacco. This great success is due to three facts which emerged from the discussions: 1. Itappears clearlynowthattherisksassociated withtobaccoaremuchgreaterthan previously assumed. Out of two regular smokers, one will die from a tobacco- related disease. 2. Reducing tobacco consumption can be achieved but the data collected in several countriesshowthatitrequiresaglobalstrategy.Thisstrategywasmuchdebatedduring theconference. Theresolutionsadoptedemphasizetheagreementofthedelegateson themainpoints. Actionto fight thegrowingepidemicoftobacco-attributabledisease and death involves convincing the general public, the medical community and decision-makers ofthe need to act for tobacco control. The most efficient tools for helping individuals never to start or successfully to stop using tobacco should be developed; effective tobacco control endeavors are required to counteractthe actions ofthe powerful and influential tobacco manufacturers. With the help and under the aegis ofWHO, DICC, IUATLD, ISFC, IOCD, and IUHPE, an international alliance for health and against tobacco shouldunite all those who are engaged in this fight.

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